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Sins of a solar empire patch 1.8

Fixed Occupation Victory win condition from potentially crashing and if not crashing, potentially not colonizing the planet.
All players now start with 2 frigate factories on game start.
Matter Compressor - 25 Refinery Ship Capacity; 50 Cargo empire Ship Capacity.
Phase Accelerator - 33 Phase Jump Charge Rate; 25 Phase Gate Speed.Updated.NET.0 - Optimizations.Wail of the Sacrificed damage decreased from.0 per population patch point.5/9.5; research levels increased from 1.Fixed incorrect player solar stats being tallied sins for Minor Faction and Rampant Militia units (e.g.Pirates no empire longer stay in a fleet when they arrive at their target planet.Optimization improvements for online play.Fixed missing solar icons.Removed some duplicate entities, empire brushes, sounds, and strings.Minor Faction created structures shouldn't contribute to the owner player stats). Toggle Infinite solar Hull, numpad6, toggle sins Set Hull to 1, numpad7.
Contents show, detailed changelog, edit "Ironclad Games playboy and Stardock Entertainment are very pleased to announce the release spark of version.5 episode for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion!".
Ion Field Generator - 45 Planet Bombing Range.
For customers who have purchased Trinity via Steam, you are already updated to the most recent version.Fixed bug where the first Minor Faction lab you capture doesn't count towards your total.Null - Fixed potential crash with ApplyBuffToTargetWithNoFilter.Unyielding Will (Eradica Titan) spark duration reduced from 240 to 120.Long-Range Jumps research moved from Tier 3 to Tier 4; cost adjusted.Deliverance Engine will snapper no longer affect friendly planets with an allegiance penalty.Advent Illusion frigates now refund for the correct amount (zero).Relativistic Factories - 4 Civilian Slots.

Tier 3 Titan research now grants a 5 global bonus to Rate of Fire for all Lasers.
Group Shield (Ankylon Titan) duration sins of a solar empire patch 1.8 increased from 30/35/40/45 to 40/50/60/70.
Battlefield Promotions research moved from Tier 5 to Tier 1; bonus increased from 5 to 10; number of research levels decreased from 2 to 1; cost adjusted.