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Personal pronouns spanish powerpoint

personal pronouns spanish powerpoint

He and pronouns she buy T-shirts in summer.
A quick review Try and remember how the word is used, before the answer appears.
Ustedes Means personal you when talking to more than one person.
Yo I tú you - informal él he ella she usted you - formal nosotros/as we The spanish timing on the following slides personal is adaptable, should you wish to increase (or decrease) the time before the answers fly.6._ am a pronouns sister.Here spanish are the Spanish subject pronouns yo means I nosotros means we tú means you él means he ellos means they ella means she ellas means they usted means you ustedes means you And, remember the verb tree we drew?Download pronouns ppt "Subject Pronouns in Spanish".Its simply a tag to get the attention of middle school studentsand it works.8 3 Three ways to say YOU heres number Ustedes is plural, and is used when speaking to a more than one person, somewhat like using yall in the southern part of the United States, or you guys.The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this content.He is reading the book.Some slides are long and somewhat complex and need to be given time to play out completely. 6 1 Three ways final to converter say YOU heres number Tú is singular, called the informal form, and is used when windows speaking to a friend, a family spanish member or someone your save age or younger anyone you call by their first name.
7 2 Three ways to say YOU heres number Usted is singular, called the formal form, and is used when speaking to an older stranger, someone older or someone you dont call by their first name.
Thats how game they all fit into the verb tree.Two things to explain: First, this nosotros means we Girls, in a girls only group, use Notice the as on the end.(Watchwell draw one.) Thats itThats all there is to drawing a verb tree!Are they in grade 5?Numbers, eleven, fifty-five, two hundred, seven, eighteen.Your book assignment yo I tú you informal, for family friends.Spanish has 9 subject pronouns and 3 of them mean in English.How much do you remember Which subject pronoun would you use if you were speaking to the following people: tú, usted, or ustedes?A dog is black.The team plays football.My sister has good clothes.Ellos they only guys or a mixed group ellas they a group of girls ustedes you - plural How did you do?On this slide I have chosen to use English examples only simply because I want students to be able to see and understand which word is the subject pronoun.The next book three slides are easily adapted if you have your own way of teaching the differences between these three pronouns.YOU So, with 3 words that mean YOU, its very important to learn them and when theyre used since theyre not interchangeable.

Jim and personal pronouns spanish powerpoint Jill have a dog.
2, pronoun: A word that takes the place of a noun.